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I was introduced to the fabulous KidsPublish app and have used it countless times with my primary school art students and to make mini books for friends. It’s a very tangible way to celebrate an experience and has been especially valuable for ephemeral art projects or ones where the artwork is designed to disappear but the book lasts.
Annie (Art Teacher)


KidsPublish gives voice to children’s ideas, thinking, and imaginings. It makes visible their thinking to themselves and others, facilitates creativity, and supports literacy development in a very hands-on, personal, and meaningful way. I absolutely love this app as a teacher; I have some books sitting on my desk. “

Natalie (Early Childhood Teacher)


Last week my son and I played with the KidsPublish app ­- he loved using the Apple Pencil with the coloured brushes! I don’t know if it’s being on a screen rather than on paper, or the process of selecting his colours, but he just loves it! He loves recording his voice with each page, saying what he was drawing!”

Craig (Father)


“I’ve set up an online group for grandparents supporting their grandchildren with reading and the first note is to download KidsPublish and create a collage story with their grandchild, whilst they are talking about all of the things that their little person can do.”
Leith (Grandmother)

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Download the KidsPublish app to:

  • Create, print and share your own books
  • Easily add your own artwork and photos
  • Use your fingers to draw, cut out, rotate and resize your artwork
  • Print your book or share it via email
  • Create your own library and read over and over again!

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$5.99 AUD in the App Store

Available to schools through Apple School Manager.
No in-app purchases, hidden ads or additional costs.

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