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Community Publishing Program

Kids’ Own Publishing offers a 6-8 week book publishing project with communities and organisations working with children (up to 20 children between the ages of 0-12).

We co-design a tailored project with our partners, and offer:

  • accessible, creative, fun workshops delivered by experienced artist facilitators
  • a project manager dedicated to the project
  • story and text development 
  • book designers who specialise in children’s artwork
  • professional editing of the book
  • professional printing of a 16-24 full colour paperback children’s book with ISBN 
  • a celebratory launch connecting everyone involved at the end of the project
  • reflection and feedback session post-launch.

Every child gets to take home their published book, which will also be shared with their local library.  

The whole process, from planning to launch, takes between 3-4 months.
Potential partners need to ensure that they:

  • are currently working with a group of children (or families) who are excited about writing and illustrating their own book
  • have funding to support the project, or are able to partner with us to apply for funding
  • are comfortable with the children in the group making the creative decisions about the book, including directing the themes and genre of the book.

Price range for a project is between $8,000 and $12,000 depending on variables like distance, timing, participant numbers and aims of the project. 

We understand that the cost of this project can be significant for community groups and we encourage you to seek financial support from your local council. We are very happy to partner with funders. 

Contact us to discuss your publishing program today by filling out our Quoting form, calling (03) 9996 9588 or emailing

When you’re emailing, please let us know:

  • Where are you?
  • What ages are your participants?
  • How many participants does your group include?
  • And why are you interested in a community publishing project?

If you’re interested in previous outcomes, take a look at our Kids’ Own Library of published books

Book making workshops

Book making workshops
We can deliver artist-led book making as a one-off event or residency at your library, gallery, museum or festival.

Book in a workshop that creates an imaginative space for collaboration and creative play. Children and their families or educators will use art materials to turn their experiences into images and stories, and learn skills to create and publish their own books together at this workshop and at home.

Book your Book making workshop today by filling out our Quoting form, calling (03) 9996 9588 or emailing .

Professional Development

We offer a two-hour group training session for adults in how we co-create and publish books with communities of children. This is a hands-on, creative capacity building workshop suitable for:
  • Early-childhood educators
  • Primary school teachers
  • Education support workers in early childhood and primary school settings
  • Librarians
  • Early years professionals
  • Family services staff
  • Community leaders, and
  • Artists

Participants learn how to create an eight or twelve page book, folded from a single piece of paper, which can be published on a photocopier. The group will then discuss how this process can be used to achieve specific goals and learning outcomes for children and their families. We can also demonstrate how the concepts of children’s community publishing align with VEYLDF principles.

Book your Children’s Community Publishing Training for Adults today by filling out our Quoting form, calling (03) 9996 9588 or emailing .

Kids’ Own Languages

We love teaming up with children (and their adults) to create books in the languages they are most familiar with. If you're part of a multilingual community who are interested in creating a book with us please get in contact. 
Kids’ Own Languages is a movement to support children’s confidence, creativity and connection through co-creating books that reflect children’s own specific words and worlds

We believe

  • children are the experts in their own multilingualism
  • self-representation, self-expression and visibility are powerful
  • publishing books by children strengthens culture, language and literacy.

We hope our books

  • support reading for pleasure for families and young children
  • boost the visibility of lesser-known languages
  • affirm the unique linguistic backgrounds of the communities we work with.
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How else can we support you?

  • Are you interested in working with Kids’ Own Publishing to make a book with your community? Take a look HERE or fill out our Quoting form.
  • Would you like a one-off book creation workshop at your festival or library? Try HERE
  • The books Kids’ Own Publishing has published in various languages are gorgeous resources for playgroups, kindergartens and schools. You can find them HERE
  • The Kidspublish App enables you to create, print and share your own little 8 page book. It has a voice function, so you can read the book aloud in a language you choose


Since 2017 Kids’ Own Publishing has been collaborating with academic researchers to get a deeper understanding of our work and its impact.

You can find more information about their work here.

Thank you to Creative Australia, Vic Health and the City of Yarra for Funding Kids' Own Languages