For Educators

Professional development

We provide hands-on, creative and engaging professional development in children’s publishing for:

  • Educators
  • Artists
  • People working in community

We run a 2 hour workshop in person run by experienced facilitators. These workshops involve practical activities that build confidence in facilitating child-led publishing in your educational setting. See here for more.

Publishing a book with your class

Kids’ Own Publishing offers a 6 – 8 week community book publishing project with a class or group of children in an educational setting.  See more about our Community Publishing Projects here, or get in contact with us here

KidsPublish App

Our KidsPublish app for iPad has been used in educational settings across Australia, as a fun and engaging way for children to create and publish their own book.

“KidsPublish gives voice to children’s ideas, thinking, and imaginings. It makes visible their thinking to themselves and others, facilitates creativity, and supports literacy development in a very hands-on, personal, and meaningful way. I absolutely love this app as a teacher; I have some books sitting on my desk.” Natalie (Early Childhood Teacher)

Find out more about the KidsPublish app here, and please get in contact with us if you are purchasing multiple quantities of the app for an educational setting.

Donkeys Cant Fly on Planes resources

The stories in Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes are from children with a South Sudanese refugee background who came to live in Australia in the early 2000s. To learn more about the book and check out the related classroom resources go here.

How to make an 8-page book

Our website hosts a series of tools for creating folded 8-page books, including videos of wonderful published authors making and showing their own folded books here.

Share our books with your students

Kids’ Own Publishing has published more than 200 books by kids for kids. Many of these books are bilingual or come from specific underrepresented communities. They can be powerful tools for literacy and in conversations around identity and wellbeing – or they may just be fun! Check them out here.