Kids’ Own Languages

We love teaming up with children (and their adults) to create books in the languages they are most familiar with. If you're part of a multilingual community who are interested in creating a book with us please get in contact. 
Kids’ Own Languages is a movement to support children’s confidence, creativity and connection through co-creating books that reflect children’s own specific words and worlds

We believe

  • children are the experts in their own multilingualism
  • self-representation, self-expression and visibility are powerful
  • publishing books by children strengthens culture, language and literacy.

We hope our books

  • support reading for pleasure for families and young children
  • boost the visibility of lesser-known languages
  • affirm the unique linguistic backgrounds of the communities we work with.
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I Spy with my little eye (Somali) - instasize
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How else can we support you?

  • Are you interested in working with Kids’ Own Publishing to make a book with your community? Take a look HERE or fill out our Quoting form.
  • Would you like a one-off book creation workshop at your festival or library? Try HERE
  • The books Kids’ Own Publishing has published in various languages are gorgeous resources for playgroups, kindergartens and schools. You can find them HERE
  • The Kidspublish App enables you to create, print and share your own little 8 page book. It has a voice function, so you can read the book aloud in a language you choose


Since 2017 Kids’ Own Publishing has been collaborating with academic researchers to get a deeper understanding of our work and its impact.

You can find more information about their work here.

Thank you to Creative Australia, Vic Health and the City of Yarra for Funding Kids' Own Languages