Created by Tartu-Nganyin Bupup Koori Playgroup

Recipes contributed by Gab Banay, Jacqui Lanarus, Samarah McKenna

Yarning and Cooking. What better time to yarn than when you’re sitting around the table sharing a meal …

‘Yarning and Cooking for Bupup’ was a healthy lifestyle program that was co-designed by Playgroup families and City of Greater Dandenong local health services to support learning about cooking nutritional, yummy, cost effective meals, snacks and school lunches for the whole family (not just bupup). Michelle Havea, Playgroup Coordinator, has a strong knowledge and passion for cooking and this enthusiasm was shared with Playgroup families. Everyone wanted to cook!

Published 2019

24 pages, paperback

ISBN 978-1-925077-77-3

A partnership project between Dandenong & District Aboriginal Cooperative Limited, Casey Aboriginal Gathering Place, City of Greater Dandenong and Kids’ Own Publishing. This project has been supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health under the Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme.

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The cooking sessions were led by Gab Banay — ‘Number 1 Deadly Cooking Instructor’ — co-owner of Yolky Dokey Eggs in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula, and former Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation educator. Gab has generously allowed the reproduction of Yolky Dokey’s recipes in this book so families can keep cooking and sharing them.

Along the way parents adjusted recipes to suit their tastes, seasoning and flavouring, before all sitting down to a delicious lunch. A focus was on fresh, nutritious and tasty meals! The kids joined in with the making, the tasting … and the eating. They made art with Phia Larsen and Sharon Hughes to produce this book.

Families and health services came together and yarned around the shared table, in a safe, respectful and culturally appropriate setting.

“I’ve been doing the recipes at homework club and the kids say, can we have that again?!

And if my kids are eating them, then a lot of others will be too…”

— Michelle Havea, playgroup leader & mum