Crocodile và Unicorn Đi Chơi


By parents and children of Cherry Crescent Preschool

A long long time ago, Crocodile and Unicorn embarked on a journey following a red energy line through wondrous worlds.What will they discover? Ngày xửa ngày xưa, ở một nơi không xa, Cá Sấu và Kỳ Lân rong ruổi trên một chuyến đi lần theo một đường năng lượng đỏ xuyên qua những thế giới diệu kỳ.Liệu hai bạn khám phá những điều gì đây?

Published 2023

28 page paperback

ISBN: 978-0-6459570-0-6

A partnership project between ViệtSpeak, Cherry Crescent Preschool and the University of Melbourne. Workshops facilitated by artists Ana Rita Pires and Viet-My Bui.

This project was made possible by a donation from Emeritus Professor David Nunan

  • You can see a storytime video with animation, created by ViệtSpeak here
  • Read all about how the book was created here


Kids’ Own was honoured to partner with multilingual advocacy group ViệtSpeak, and researchers Associate Professor Julie Choi and Liz Murray on this project to explore a new way of presenting contemporary language use in multilingual Australia.

Crocodile, Unicorn and the worlds they encounter are creations from a series of workshops facilitated by Kids’ Own Publishing artists Ana Rita Pires and Viet-My Bui with the children and parents. The Saturday morning gatherings were an opportunity for the group to talk, listen and draw together. Sitting around the table, the old and new friends shared stories of language pride and shame, identity and transformation, and explored what it means to have, lose, hold onto, learn and pass on language and culture.

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