Every one is allowed in this book


A collection of the books made in The Grand Imaginarium

‘Every one is allowed in this book: three years of ‘hot dog’ book art from The Grand Imaginarium’ celebrates the child as contemporary artist, author, illustrator and book maker with a selection of stories and art from the hundreds of books published in Kids’ Own Publishing’s The Grand Imaginarium at the Abbotsford Convent during during 2016 – 2019.

The Grand Imaginarium is a magical place produced by Kids’ Own Publishing,  where children and families and stories and books and artists come together in a joyous celebration of the power of imagination.

Published 2019

28 page, paperback

ISBN 978 1 9250777 28

We thank our major funding partners the Ian Potter Foundation, Copyright Agency Limited, City of Yarra and venue partner the Abbotsford Convent Foundation for their incredible support of this program.


The artists/authors represented in these pages were amongst over 2000 children 12 years old and under who visited The Grand Imaginarium at Abbotsford Convent or The Grand Imaginarium on Tour at The Old Cheese Factory, Berwick, as part of the Casey Winter Arts Festival, between November2015 and January 2019. We thank the hundreds of children and families who visited The Grand Imaginarium in the school holidays, and the teachers and students of St Joseph’s Primary School, Collingwood, and Collingwood College in particular who started this journey with us.

The Grand Imaginarium will live on in communities where children, families, artists, the power of books and the imagination are valued. So that’s everywhere!

AuthorEvery one is allowed in this book. The author of the original ‘hot dog’ book from which we selected the title and the cover artwork, came to The Grand Imaginarium at the Abbotsford Convent in June 2016 but unfortunately did not put their name on the front cover. If you are the author, or know the author, please contact Kids’ Own publishing admin@kidsownpublishing.com