How Not To Fix a Car: the adventures of Bob and Arop (Mandarin) – 汽车为什么 不能修理 Bob 和 Arop的奇遇记


By children from Richmond West Primary School & Abbotsford Primary School – Richmond West 和Abbotsford小学 学生共同制作

在决定他们命运的一个早上,在 Lennox, Victoria和Nicholson 街的十字路口,猴子Bob和海胆 Arop被超市广告霓虹灯所吸引而 发生了车祸,在那一刻他们从没 有想到会在Richmond的这个意 外会给他们带来了永久的友谊。 海胆Arop在没有水的情况下怎样 生存?即使海胆Arop知道那么少 的生字,可是猴子Bob会不会明 白他? 还有最重要的是他们能把

Children from Years 5 and 6 at Richmond West Primary School and Abbotsford Primary School wrote and illustrated this book in both English and Mandarin.

Published 2013

24 pages, paperback

ISBN 978 1 925077 04 9

A Kids’ Own Languages Project

This project has been funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Strategic Partnerships Program.

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