One Big Table of “Hellos”


By mothers and children at Connie Benn Centre


Come and meet a community of creative hero mothers as they celebrate with art and book making, food and friendship over six weeks at the Connie Benn Centre.

No matter what country or culture we are all from, or our age, we have our very own way of expressing our language that comes from our past and present experiences.

Published 2022

24 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9871991-6-4


Over six weeks, small children and their mothers met at Connie Benn Early Learning Centre, with artists Ching Ching Liang and Farzana Rahimi. Every week the group made art and told stories together and then cooked and shared food at one big table. This book grew out of those weeks together. It was part of the Kids’ Own Languages program.

‘It shows our emotions, our feelings. We can share everything to the book. Amazing. I am very happy to see my picture in the book, my child, my flowers and my words.’


‘I am so surprise I have Our Book. I am very proud. I want to make more of this type of book that everyone can share. When I was [a child] my mother and father are poor. I don’t draw. My kids now draw a lot and put on the wall. Now I have mine. Something not like before. I go shopping I like colour. I buy. Now I got my colour. My book.’



‘I came to this project knowing how vulnerable a person can feel in an unfamiliar territory. During our six weeks together as we explored different art and book making, I saw the agency of bravery in this mothers’ group, and how much strength all mothers have embedded in them. As an artist I wanted to bring out the inner hero in mothers and their children, and encapsulate it in this book.’

l.ching2 – Lead Artist