Starting School Book Series


Starting School – four books that tell kindy kids all about the first year at school, by children who’ve already done it.

Children in Foundation at two schools in outer suburban Melbourne teamed up with two local kindergartens and an artist to share their experiences of starting school. They remembered that On our first day, we felt scared, excited, sad, angry, nervous and happy and co-created these four delightful stories together.

Each book is a 18cm x 18cm paperback with eight pages and a sturdy inviting cover.

$35 + GST the set


Characters like Bailey the dog, Georgia the elephant and the nice dragon living in the art cupboard make great read-alouds to start conversations between students and educators.

Engaging simple colourful pictures, created by children, using materials found in every classroom make these books a treat for pre-readers to browse by themselves, too.

First Day Feelings – First day feelings can be really hard. Find out how Snail, Kangaroo, Riley the dog and Georgia the elephant felt.
Let’s Go to School – Find out all the ways you can get to school, and what you’ll see on the way there.
When Dinosaurs Go to School – When Dinosaurs go to school they need to know not to eat the teachers, and other handy hints!
Bailey’s Big Adventure – Bailey has a big discovery when he leaves his paddock for adventure and finds his true self.
The Starting School series is a must-have set for all kindergartens, preschools and Foundation classrooms