The Cheeky Rabbit


By Hazara children and families in Dandenong

A cheeky rabbit goes on an adventure to find out what true treasure is.

Read the book to find out!

Published 2023

24 pages, paperback

ISBN 978-0-646-96372-3

Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Melbourne University and Australian Catholic University



This book was created in the Dandenong Library by a small group of Hazara families, working with artists Farzana Rahimi and Annasophia Larsen, alongside Hazara language consultant, John Gulzari. It is bilingual, written in both Hazaragi and English and the pages read from right to left. The children and their families created illustrations using traditional Hazara embroidery as well as collage and line drawings. Everyone worked together to create the story, translating back and forth between English and Hazaragi as the story developed.