The Legend of Buz-e-Chini (Revised Edition)


Created by the Afghanistani community in Bendigo

“O my Algag! O my Bulgag! And my little Chulgag! Open the door for your mother.”

Buz-e-Chini teaches her children Algag, Bulgag and Chulgag this code to keep them safe.

What will happen when the wolf learns the code?

Published 2018

32 page, paperback

ISBN 978-1-925077-96-4


The Afghanistani community in Bendigo worked together to choose the Buz-e-Chini story, from a selection of traditional stories, to create this children’s book with the reference to the animated short film Buz-e-Chini (2012), directed by Abbas Ali and written by Hussain Ali Yousafi (Postamazers, Afghanistan).

The traditional Afghanistani story of Buz-e-Chini existed in written scripts and was narrated orally from generation to generation among different communities in Afghanistan.

The artwork was created and the story developed by Afghanistani children and families during workshops facilitated by the City of Greater Bendigo at the Bendigo Library.

This edition in English, Hazaragi and Dari.

The Multicultural Children’s Book Project is a partnership between the City of Greater Bendigo, Goldfields Library Corporation and Kids’ Own Publishing with funding provided by the Victorian State government.