By Australian families of South Sudanese heritage

This is My Home is a beautiful picture story book created by young children and their parents celebrating the idea of ‘home’.

Through the telling of their own stories, in their own words, the young authors of This is My Home challenge one-dimensional representations of diversity in Australia. The voices in This is My Home layer on the pages like the sounds of a family gathering at a dinner table; a rich, complex and heartfelt expression of the centrality of home in our lives and the memories we make there.

Published 2021

24 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-1-925077-93-3

This publication has been brought to life through support from the ‘Help Kids Publish’ Pozible campaign in 2019, the Australian Catholic University and the ARC Laureate Fellowship on the History of Child Refugees.

This is the fourth book in a collection of intergenerational storytelling with the same families over the past nine years – including Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes (2012), In My Kingdom (2014) and All the Way Home (2015). All four books have been co-created with Kids’ Own Publishing, the families and different artists and book designers.

Against the enormous challenges presented to us over 2020-21, the original authors of Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes, now young adults, worked alongside their younger siblings to facilitate new stories from their homes during Victoria’s first lockdown in 2020. Kids’ Own Publishing artists Agum Maluach and Vonda Keji then worked with the children to produce the vibrant, colourful artworks, and gathered the text and stories from both children and their parents.