Young people at the Richmond Youth hub worked with Kids’ Own artists Lily Nguyen and Agum Maluach to create Tingly Tastebuds, a book about the food they love. It’s full of all kinds of food: bánh mì, burgers, noodles, kisra, bala el sham and pizza. The stories connect to their memories of home, friends and family. The young people launched it once as part of their end of year party in December, and again as a story time at the Richmond Library in February. Books were read, signed and celebrated.

What some of the young authors said:

‘I LOVED having my drawing in the book.’

‘I like that there’s Vietnamese in our book.’

‘I hope everyone reads our book so we become world famous and write more and more books.’

Tingly Tastebuds was created by young people at the Richmond Youth hub as part of our Kids Own Languages Project with support from Yarra Youth Services, Yarra Libraries, Yarra City Arts, Vic Health and researchers at ACU and Melbourne University.

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